Lih-Qun's Bio

lihqun When Lih-Qun Wong was a little girl, she always dreamed of being a concert cellist. However after many years of practice and study (Melbourne Uni and the VCA), a love of design and working with fabric began to overtake her performing passion.

Taking inspiration from wearable art and period costume, and her fascination with Asian martial arts film, Lih-Qun's interests have taken her to work on creations which marry Western costume with Asian influences. She has co-designed and constructed a Japanese Water Fairy with fellow student, Starlight, which has been displayed at various festivals all over Australia and taken, as part of the 2005 Desert Theatre Project, to the remote communities of Central Australia. She is currently working on a traditional Thai dance costume recreation with fellow colleague Catherine Ellen.

Her work experience includes the PlayBox theatre, Puppet Vision, and making head-pieces for the 2005 World Expo, Japan. This year, Lih-Qun has chosen to explore the possibilities of a Tudor-styled Chinese Opera assassin and a Japanese Pirate, with a twist.

Lih-Qun's natural technical abilities that range from creative brain-storming to budgeting, makes her an ideal choice as the Event's treasurer and as a member of the fundraising/sponsorship team.