Jess's Bio

jess Jess Bosnic has aspired to dress people since the tender age of 9. However her passion was only properly fuelled two years ago when she studied fashion in her final year of high school.

Recently Jess has travelled to London to work with the world renowned Angel's Costumiers, who claim to have the largest collection of costumes in the world. There she worked with a team to create the costumes for two movies and a west end theatrical production. Recently she worked at the Melbourne Bridal Expo as dresser for the fashion parade and has also completed an evening gown inspired from a ballroom dress for a client.

Over the course of this school year, Jess will be realising a Victorian style female costume morphed with a Red-Back spider, and interpreting her own version of Peter Pan's Captain Hook. She aims to challenge herself in the art of pattern making. Her passions lie in all processes relating to costume, especially in the art of Design and Millinery.

Jess's role in the end-of-year event is Co-ordinator, together with her fellow student Claudia Takla. She aims to achieve a friendly and productive working environment for all involved.