Catherine's sponsors

Basque business card In this, our final semester, thank goodness for great coffee! As luck would have it, the best coffee in the area is at the closest bar to campus.

Basque Tapas and Wine bar is located at 159 Chapel St, on the corner of St John's Street, a coffee dregs' throw from the costume workroom.

Basque has been my mid-morning sanctuary for the last 18 months, and for the remaining few months of the course, Gracie, owner and manager of Basque, has agreed to sponsor my coffee addiction.

But it's not just the coffee that sanctifies Basque. It's the good-humoured banter that Gracie and Arty (the artful coffee espressor) allow me to indulge in. What better way to vent the stresses of the classroom!

At lunchtime, join Gracie and his team for tapas snacks or indulge in his degustation delights for a delicious evening meal. Be adventurous and choose from Gracie's large selection of Spanish sherries. Call for bookings: 9533 7044.

If you're a student and it's coffee you're after, Basque offers special rates:
Take-away small: $2.40
Take-away large: $2.70
Sit-in coffee: $2.50